The Hellenic Cultural Foundation has undertaken the development and creation of "Kyklos-Circle of Glory" at Athens Olympic Sadium. This historic mural and sculpture, presented to the city of Athens and people of Greece, honors the return of the Olympic Games to the land of its origins. United in spirit, we return to Hellas to celebrate the legacy, ideals and values that Hellenic culture has given the world. Ultimately, "Kyklos-Circle of Glory" will remain as a source of inspiration not only for Hellenes, but for all those who quest to kindle the flame of excellence within themselves.

Like the Statue of Libery, Kyklos is symbolic of excellence and like Ellis Island, it provides a place where Hellenes and Philhellenes can immortalize the names of there families and organizations on a historic venue in Greece. Join us by adding your family or organiazation through this rare historic opportunity.

His Eminence, Archbishop Demetrios is Singular Honorary Chairman of the KYKLOS project. With him are Nick Karakas, Chairman of the Hellenic Cultural Foundation and Rip Kastaris, Creative Director and Artist.
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